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We are so happy to share the It Matters To Me Makerspace which is a storytime STEAM experience for PreK-Grade 3 from my book Inspiring Innovation and Creativity in Young Learners. If your family participates, be sure to share photos of your amazing creations with me on twitter! @teacherallison

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Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Last week we had a lot of interest in our Brain Break organizer. I'm so happy that was useful to you. Another resource that I've shared here before and in my workshops is the book, Breathe like A Bear by Kira Willey. It is wonderful for self regulation and mindfulness. The trick is to remember to practice it with your littles when they aren't upset. This makes it easier to pull the strategy when they are upset. Here is a video of my little guy and I practicing bear breathing. Another favorite we do a lot is turtle breathing and I've shared that here before. I'll link it below.

Click Here: Turtle Breathing

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Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Four weeks into quarantine and one thing I have definitely noticed is we all need brain breaks in the day. The other thing I have noticed is we (our whole family) are not always the best a realizing when we need these breaks. It may come across as a yawn, an eye roll, or a full fledged melt down! I hope we aren't alone in this... I am guessing we aren't. Since my "First... then..." choice board seemed to work well for our boys, I decided to make a self refection and brain break choice board for Jonah. These tasks are all things we have been using for brain breaks, but I think it will help him be more independent to see them written out. I also think the smiley rubric will help him communicate his feelings with me. (For those that are new here, Joe is our little hero. He's a stroke survivor and we are always looking for new strategies to help communicate.)

We all need a break sometimes. (Kit Kat knew this... that's why the jingle is a classic.)

I've included the brain break choice board I've made for Joe, but also one that is blank for you to personalize it for the needs/interests of your child. I do this with my middle schooler too. But, he doesn't need a choice board anymore. We just begin the day (or week) by talking about things its okay to do when he needs a break. He will listen to music, watch a youtube video, go take a ride on his bike, or just tell me he'd like to have a chat. His brain breaks may look different, but we all need them. Anyway, this has been helpful to our family, so I hope it's helpful to yours too. As always, if you have questions, let me know and I'm happy to help.

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