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Buttons For Teachers

Buttons For Teachers

PPE on educators is important for safety, but it’s not something children are used to seeing. Here’s a little tip I saw from pediatric nurses that may be helpful to you if you are returning to school face to face.

💙 Folks in BG and Warren County: I am just thrilled to share with you that our friends at the Warren County Public Library have offered to make buttons for you for FREE. (Thank you Jen and Lisa!) All you have to do is complete the form below and attach a photo.…/1FAIpQLSf6aKYMxoJB1HWRLo…/viewform

🖤 Monroe County friends: I’ve spoken to your public library and they are also eager to help. I will be glad to help you facilitate this discussion. Or you can call the library and ask to talk to Monica. Other friends with public library contacts, reach out to try to form a partnership on this and let me know if Daniel or I can help. If your school has access to a button maker, share this idea with your staff! 🙌🏼 to Renee for offering to do this for her whole staff at DCMS!

I know it’s not perfect right now. I pray for your safety every day. But little things can become the big this. I think this is one of those little things we can do that will make a big difference. If my children were going to school face to face, I’d probably make them buttons or smile necklaces right now too. (We can’t send them due to Jonah’s advanced risks. We’ve been on strict quarantine since March and I grieve the loss of social interaction for them this year... but that’s a whole other post.) 💙

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