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Distance Learning Tips for Families

Homeschool, learning pods, NTI, virtual academies and more.

Many of us are in a place that we didn't think we'd be this time last year...

Distance Learning.

However you find yourself in this strange new era, we are all in this together. So this week's Bluegrass Edu Podcast: episode 5 shares tips for families as you plan for distance learning. You can listen to it on Spotify or Anchor. These are the things Daniel and I (and the amazing folks from our Bluegrass Edu Facebook Group) learned during our spring NTI experiences, mistakes we made, and what we plan to do differently this time. (In one three minute segment I talk about church, wine, and epsom salt baths. Ha!) There's so much out there we can't control right now, these are a few things you can plan for to hopefully relieve some stress and start out on the right foot for learning.

Maya Angelou says you do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, you do better. These are the things we learned during our last session and plan to "do better" this time around. I know we will still make mistakes... but I also know we will make some memories (and laughs) this semester. We've got this... together.

We will post more soon about how our family is creating an environment for learning in our home.

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