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Faith Family Fun List

Hi Friends and Family,

I had originally planned to share some of my STEAM bucket lists (and I most likely will still do that later) for families to explore together during this time that so many schools are closed. But the education community has shared so many WONDERFUL free resources for kids right now, I thought parents may need something different. Our younger son has special needs and is going through some health concerns, so we've decided like many Americans (and residents of Earth) to practice our faith together at home on Sundays for a little while. (I'm so thankful for our religious and state leaders for supporting us in this.) So I decided to make a plan for our family of four and I called it our "Family Faith Fun List". Please feel free to join us in these explorations. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to me. I'll take photos and share as we do each one. Love you all! Wash your hands! (Not sure why, but I feel like that is a new term of endearment. "I love you, don't forget to wash around your fingernails.) <3

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