Give me a break...

Four weeks into quarantine and one thing I have definitely noticed is we all need brain breaks in the day. The other thing I have noticed is we (our whole family) are not always the best a realizing when we need these breaks. It may come across as a yawn, an eye roll, or a full fledged melt down! I hope we aren't alone in this... I am guessing we aren't. Since my "First... then..." choice board seemed to work well for our boys, I decided to make a self refection and brain break choice board for Jonah. These tasks are all things we have been using for brain breaks, but I think it will help him be more independent to see them written out. I also think the smiley rubric will help him communicate his feelings with me. (For those that are new here, Joe is our little hero. He's a stroke survivor and we are always looking for new strategies to help communicate.)

We all need a break sometimes. (Kit Kat knew this... that's why the jingle is a classic.)

I've included the brain break choice board I've made for Joe, but also one that is blank for you to personalize it for the needs/interests of your child. I do this with my middle schooler too. But, he doesn't need a choice board anymore. We just begin the day (or week) by talking about things its okay to do when he needs a break. He will listen to music, watch a youtube video, go take a ride on his bike, or just tell me he'd like to have a chat. His brain breaks may look different, but we all need them. Anyway, this has been helpful to our family, so I hope it's helpful to yours too. As always, if you have questions, let me know and I'm happy to help.

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