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Distance Learning Think Tac Toe

Hi friends! One of my favorite strategies to use in the classroom was Think Tac Toes and it has become one of my favorite strategies to use during distance learning also. I generally start with a book, but you could start with media or content area to engage the kids. I also love pairing them with CROWD reading questions for the families. Click HERE to learn more about CROWD, an interactive read aloud strategy. It is perfect for families.

Here's a graphic I made that shares

For the distance learning example below you can virtually read aloud Click, Clack Moo by Betsy Lewin to littles. Then shared the CROWD questions and Think Tac Toe. Families will have a week to enjoy this book and complete a "Tic Tac Toe". I shared these resources on Google Slides. (So the links were active for them.) This could easily be a low tech example if you took out the links and replaced them with other tasks. I have found that most children can access these links through their parents phones even if they do not have a good wifi connection.

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