The Bluegrass Edu PODCAST

Episode One: Mindfulness

Daniel and I are thrilled to have finally started something we've been talking about for years, a Bluegrass Edu Podcast! You can listen to it on Anchor or Spotify. I've linked the words Anchor to the podcast, but if you want to watch on Spotify, just search the title The Bluegrass Edu Podcast. The blog list is all about mindfulness.

Mindfulness Topics Discussed

  1. Why should we focus on mindfulness?

  2. Our favorite book of strategies for littles. (Breathe Like A Bear)

  3. Strategies on the go for parents and educators. (Turtle Breathing, Star Breathing, Hand Stories)

  4. Tech tools/Apps for Mindfulness (HeadSpace for Educators)

  5. Teacher/Caregiver Mindfulness and Tips

Thanks for tuning into our first podcast! <3 If you have topics you'd like us to share, please feel free to contact us using the contact form on our website!

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