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Virtual Classroom Kit

Have you wanted to create your own virtual classroom, but aren't sure how to find images? I compiled a kit for you! Click the image below or here to see the kit. I've also created a how to video for you!

.Here are some notes about this Google Slide Set

  • These images were found using Google’s Image Search feature. You can find your own images by going to Insert, Image, Search The Web in Google Slides. Adding the ending png or transparent to the object you are searching (desk png or desk transparent) will help you find an image without a background.  

  • Please check the copyright for each of these images before distributing. 

  • Slides 3 and 4 are sample classroom backgrounds, but you can find more using the Google Image Search Feature outlined in bullet one by searching for walls, windows, and floors.

  • You can link each image by clicking the image, and then clicking the “link” image on your toolbar. 

  • Open a blank slide, copy and paste in the images you want to create your classroom… it’s sort of like playing paper dolls!

  • Make a plan for each image… how will the students interact with each section? 

  • Here are some tips of what it can link to:  (THE SKY IS THE LIMIT HERE!) 

  • Video (one you create or online)

  • Websites

  • Sites for Sharing (Flipgrid/Padlett) 

  • Books 

  • Virtual manipulatives   

  • Create a teacher bitmoji of yourself to add to your classroom! 

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