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Village Workshops

Welcome to our tribe, friends!  This is our little corner of the world where we can learn, explore, and grow together!  Our face-to-face and online workshops are being offered in partnership with the Green River Regional Educational Cooperative.
Inspiring Innovation in Early Childhood
A STEAM workshop for villagers that work with ages 3 - 8.

When we think of helping young children become innovators, we imagine them designing buildings, exploring bubbling science experiments, or writing the next great novel. We know our little learners are full of BIG ideas, but we also know they need our support to reach their highest potential.   Let's explore how to encourage challenge, learn from failure, and use creative thinking. This will be a hands-on session, sharing with our village how to inspire innovation and critical thinking through an exploration inspired by Temple Grandin that can be used at family STEAM events, lessons, and more!  

Author of Inspiring Innovation and Creativity in Young Learners, Allison Bemiss, is the facilitator for this workshop. 

Nursery Rhyme STEAM For Young Learners
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A STEAM Workshop for villagers that work with ages 3 - 8.

Hands On STEAM Explorations for Young Learners: Problem-Based Investigations for Preschool to Second Grade, our anchor text for this workshop, uses popular children’s nursery rhymes to explore rigorous STEAM concepts appropriate for young children. In this hands-on/minds- on session villagers will explore how to increase challenge with age appropriate real-world learning connections through literacy and STEAM investigations, screen free coding, and develop an understanding of how the investigations and content builds across the grade levels.

Author of Hands-On STEAM Explorations, Allison Bemiss, is the facilitator for this workshop. 

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Literacy Academy for Early Childhood
A literacy workshop for villagers that work with ages 3 - 6.

In this online workshop villagers will explore strategies to encourage listening, speaking, reading, and writing from their littles.  Phonological awareness games, books to inspire powerful oral language, engaging writing tips, encouraging literacy by exploring, and more included in this series of online workshops.  Click the button below to learn more about how to join us on this literacy adventure!

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Coaching for Early Childhood Educators
Coaching for villagers that work with ages 3 - 6.

Villagers will jointly design professional learning experiences for early childhood classroom use.  Strategies include multiple modalities; e.g., small group and individual sessions; independent projects with evidenced based assignments related to the following topics.

  • Literacy Rich Environment for Student Agency

  • Oral Language Development

  • Dialogic Reading

  • Visible Thinking Routines

  • Mathematical Concepts

  • Reading Readiness

  • Brain Based Research

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Family Engagement in Early Childhood
A family event workshop for villagers that work with ages birth - 8.

Villagers will receive strategies to effectively engage families in a ready to go PLAN!

  • Our sessions create a learning environment so that family events bring children and families together using the following strategies:

    • Thinking Stems and Questions for families to use at home

    • Play based learning environments at home and in the community

    • Reading, Language and Mathematical Standards for Early Childhood wrapped in activities at home and in the community

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Numeracy Workshop for Early Childhood
A numeracy workshop for villagers that work with ages 3 - 6.

Villagers will experience a hands-on/minds-on session where teachers, instructional coaches and assistants learn about new strategies and techniques to promote the development of  Early Numeracy Concepts Moving Beyond Counting—using sorting, classifying and sets to build number concepts and skills. Additional mathematical concepts may be added as desired by client.

Is there something you'd like to explore that's not listed on this page?  
Shoot us an email, we'd love to chat!
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